Design Delivery Installation—What To Expect at Cape and Island Kitchens Checklist

Nov 18, 2022

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At Cape & Island Kitchens we believe the details are in the design. From consultation to installation to every step in between, our team is dedicated to making your design dreams come true. The following is a step by step guide of what to expect from Cape & Island Kitchens with a printable checklist to ensure we measure twice & cut once.

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DuraSupreme Cabinetry

  1. Design Consultation
    We will schedule a time to meet and discuss your project. At this meeting we will discuss: your project requirements, type of wood, preferred color and finish. We will review measurements and pictures of your space. We will also work with a design from your Interior Designer or Architect. Bring your ideas!
  2. Written Estimate
    With the information collected at your consultation; we will produce an estimate for your project. This estimate will include: a scaled drawing of your project, a price for your project, delivery and installation cost, an estimated delivery date and information pertinent to your project completion. All estimates are valid for up to 30 days.
  3. Design Release
    If applicable we will release a copy of your design upon receipt of a plan retainer of $1,000.00. The amount of your retainer will be deducted from your deposit amount. The retainer is non-refundable.
  4. Final Design
    A site visit is required to finalize and confirm field measurements. The final design will be created based on existing conditions, appliance requirements and design and style considerations. We will require a signed approval on all final shop drawings and contracts.
  5. Placing your Order
    A 50% deposit will be required to secure your order. You will receive an order confirmation and an estimated delivery date, dependent on chosen cabinet line lead-times.  Any changes to design after this point will reflect in a price change and an additional deposit.
  6. Delivery and Installation
    As your cabinetry delivery date to our warehouse approaches, we will arrange a delivery and installation date that is convenient for you. Installation will be done with the smallest possible amount of disruption to your household. The balance of your invoice will be required at delivery of your cabinetry per contract. No exceptions.

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Cape & Island Kitchens Satisfaction Guarantee
We guarantee you will be pleased with your cabinetry purchase. We confidently stand behind our work. Customer references are available upon request.