Custom Design—Why You Hire An Expert

Feb 3, 2023

You’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen—bathroom—laundry room, so you take a trip down to the big box store to look at some cabinetry displays. If you are looking for stock cabinets and are replacing your existing cabinets box for box—exact dimension by exact dimension then sure visiting a big box store first might be a viable option. Looking to make even modest changes to layout, cabinet size, hardware or countertops then a Design Expert might be just what you need.

Here are 4 reasons we recommend hiring a design expert for your next remodel:

  1. Expert Knowledge—Did you know you should have a 12″ clearance on one side of a cooktop and 15″ inches on the other side? Did you know you should have a minimum of 36″, more would be even better,  of walkway between counters & island or island & refrigerator? Do you know if your space can accommodate an island without crowding it? Do you know the clearance needed between a toilet & vanity or the wall? Do you know that a 3″ filler might be needed between your cabinet and the wall to allow the doors to open freely? And that is just a sampling of questions that only a design expert can answer.  A blue background with an image of a person 's face.
  2. Cabinet Selection—When you visit a Design Showroom, a design expert can guide you through the cabinet selection process. They can educate on the differences of full overlay versus inset. They can advise on the differences of one piece doors versus 5 piece doors and which may be better based on the climate you live in. Most often Design Showrooms carry many different cabinet lines as well that offer factory direct pricing cutting out the middleman which saves you money. And based on your design budget, a variety of cabinet lines is a must to find pricing that will fit with your needs.  A blue background with an image of a person 's face.
  3. Qualified Installers—Cape & Island Kitchens is a one stop-shop. From design to installation all of the work is done in-house by qualified Cape & Island Kitchen employees and licensed & insured subcontractors. The experience of qualified installers can’t be beat. Following a set of plans designed by the designer, a qualified installer in the field can adjust plans to meet the real world scenarios that often happen in newer & older homes. Floors not level; walls not level, all common occurrences that with an expert is a no problem we can adjust for that scenario.   A blue background with an image of a person 's face.
  4. Remodeling Division—So many details go into even the smallest of renovations. Electrical, plumbing, permits; coordinating all of those aspects with installation and the finishing details is a lot to schedule for even the most organized homeowner. Cape & Island Kitchens has a full Remodeling Division that will take all of that work off your hands. Knowing that all of the little details will be scheduled and handled can save you time, money & most importantly, headaches associated with trying to juggle it all. All you should be worried about is what are you going to put in the space where that wall just came down.  A blue background with an image of a person 's face.

These are only 4 brief but valuable insights of why you should hire a design expert for your next remodel. Download our Cape and Island Kitchens-Project Checklist and give our design experts a call. Your dream spaces are only a vision away.