How To Choose A Cabinet Finish

Mar 3, 2023

With the big decision behind you (so you think)—deciding to uplevel your kitchen; an even bigger decision remains: what do I pick for a cabinet finish? Stained—Painted—Specialty Finishes such as antiquing or a combination of finishes, begs a big question looking for an answer. We typically upgrade our kitchens every 15-20 years so picking a finish that will stand the test of time & one we will love for the duration is definitely a big decision. You have questions, Cape & Island Kitchens’ Designers have answers!

Let’s explore these 3 finishes and their pros.

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Wood Finish Pros

  • Stain enhances wood grain
  • Many wood species to choose from
  • Typically less expensive
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Painted Finish Pros

  • So many color choices
  • Design options are limitless
  • Uniform finish
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Specialty Finish Pros

  • Antiquing gives cabinetry an aged look
  • Layering finishes such as glazing adds dimension
  • Thermofoil finish adds an artistic touch

With upwards of 10 cabinet lines available at Cape & Island Kitchens, we have barely just touched on the many cabinet finish options to choose from. Our Design Professionals will help guide you through the process of selecting a cabinet finish that suits your preference, style & needs. It’s a big decision but thankfully we only have to make it every 15-20 years! 😃

Visit our showrooms today. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.