We Do More Than Kitchens

Dec 28, 2022

Kitchens is in the name but design is truly the game. The Cape & Island Kitchens Design Team doesn’t stop at kitchen and bath design. We do it all! With today’s beyond busy lifestyles, organization is simply key! Functionality throughout our homes can definitely improve our quality of life; be that a place to fold our clothes; a place to put our hats & gloves or a home office that lends itself to work productivity.

No contractor, no problem! Cape & Island Kitchens has a full Remodeling Division. Let our Remodeling Division manage your project from beginning to end. From design; obtaining permits to installation and everything in between our Remodeling Division has skilled, licensed tradesmen to assist you in the entire process. Let us take the stress out of your home renovation.

The following are just a few examples of what Cape & Island “Kitchens” can do for you to design the spaces of your dreams that will make your days a breeze!


  1. Home Office—once upon a time a home office was often an afterthought as working from home wasn’t the norm for most occupations. But in recent years, you would be hard-pressed to find a home without one. Gone are the days of working away at the kitchen table given way to more expansive—elaborate spaces that occupy a spare bedroom, unused dining room or even a closet. Whether you need an office for one or two; we can design the space for you.

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    Work from Home Dream Space

  2. Laundry Room—a space that was usually relegated to the basement in years past has taken on a whole new meaning in the 21st century. In today’s design, a whole room is often designated just for this arduous task. I must admit a granite or quartz folding counter; a place to hang my clothing right out of the dryer & plenty of storage for my laundry detergents would definitely improve my outlook when it comes to laundry time.

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    Laundry Storage for Days

  3. Mud Room—formerly referred to as a catch all space has definitely evolved over the years. With the addition of built-in cabinetry as you walk through your door, you can keep everything organized and out of sight. Even if there isn’t space for full cabinetry a few shelves or bins to “catch all” could go miles in streamlining morning routines and provide much needed storage for all the sports families out there.

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    An Organized Space

  4. Beverage Center—the beverage center has become one of the most requested spaces in a kitchen remodel design. You can spend hours on Pinterest just on a simple “coffee bar” search alone. Enter the all in one beverage center below. With everything you need from the customizable shelves to the tower cabinet to house coffee mugs or the fridge for wine or juice boxes; customization is all up to you. It really does get the creative juices flowing (pun intended).

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    Beverage Center Statement Piece

  5. Reading & Study Nook—built in bookcases are not just for books. Sports memorabilia or sentimental belongs can also adorn the shelves to create a more personalized experience. With the addition of a fireplace or TV and a few comfy reading chairs; hours can be lost relaxing, reading, watching the big game or simply enjoying some much needed downtime with family & friends.
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    Library Lounge

    Whether it just be updating cabinetry; adding a new vanity or removing a wall or two—creating new spaces in your home may not only improve function for the way we live today but also improve the quality of life we all crave. Why not start, today! Your new spaces are only a design away.